The Climate Action & Innovation Matrix

Introducing the Climate Action & Innovation Matrix, the first tool to help consumer brands and food companies identify your organization’s unique blueprint for climate action. Download the guidebook to pinpoint where you're at and learn how to take your climate action plan to the next level.

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Sustainability, communications and marketing leaders at food and consumer companies

Level up your climate strategy

The Climate Action and Innovation Matrix is your definitive guide for aligning environmental stewardship with your brand and business strategy. This groundbreaking tool is a collaborative effort between Planet FWD and the Climate Collaborative, developed to help you navigate your climate strategy in 2024 and beyond with clarity and confidence. We're thrilled to be your partners on your climate journey.

  • Streamlined Strategy: Say goodbye to guesswork and disjointed green initiatives. The Climate Action & Innovation Matrix provides a structured pathway for meaningful impact. 
  • Brand Alignment: Discover how to integrate climate action seamlessly into your brand's DNA and make sure your efforts are both transparent and impactful. 
  • A Personalized Blueprint: Identify your current position in the climate action journey. The Climate Action & Innovation Matrix aligns your strategies for maximum impact and efficiency.
  • Ongoing Support: Our dedicated teams at Planet FWD and the Climate Collaborative are here to support you every step of the way as you accelerate your climate initiatives.

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