How to Pick a Winning Carbon Accounting Solution

Introducing the first guide to help food, retail, and consumer sustainability leaders find a carbon accounting platform that will grow with you. Our new guide is based on feedback and case studies from sustainability leaders at leading food and consumer brands and provides the criteria needed to help you grade your current solution and find the right one for your business.

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Sustainability, communications and marketing leaders at food and consumer companies

Is your carbon accounting solution leaving you with more questions than answers?

Your current solution may be going the way of Blockbuster. It was once a classically great fit, but has become obsolete as your needs have evolved. You’re left with data gaps, opaque emissions factors, and weeks of work every time your team updates a product. The right solution will grow with you. It provides comprehensive and actionable climate footprinting with real climate experts available to serve as an extension of your team. You deserve the full picture across your product portfolio and company.

Head of marketing

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