Scope 3 decarbonization

reduce supply chain emissions with actionable data

As a consumer business, ~90% of your carbon impact comes from hard-to-measure Scope 3 emissions. Say goodbye to imprecise spend-based accounting methods.

Get detailed Life Cycle Assessment-based Scope 3 insights at the ingredient and supplier-level so that you can accelerate your progress on decarbonization.

Why choose planet fwd

your clear roadmap to net zero

See exactly how you can meet ambitious net zero targets with our rigorous Life Cycle Assessment-based Scope 3 accounting and in-depth reduction analysis. Our software can analyze your supply chain emissions down to the farm-level.


See your supply chain’s climate impacts across ingredients, from farm-level impacts to processing and packaging.


Improve the accuracy of your Scope 3 inventory  with the ability to drill into emissions at the ingredient, material, and supplier levels.


Surface quantified emissions reduction actions to reduce your Scope 3 footprint and engage suppliers on the actions that will move the needle.

step one

measure your scope 3

Upload your existing data, and our platform will calculate your Scope 3 emissions, leveraging our extensive database of ingredients and materials.

Automated Data Ingestion

Use our API to upload Scope 3 details, including supplier and procurement data.

Life Cycle Assessment-Based

Using your purchased goods data, our software calculates your Scope 3 with more accuracy than traditional spend-based methods.

Seamless Data Mapping

Leveraging our machine learning algorithms, we automatically map your data to our emissions factors.

step two

zoom into emissions drivers

Category-level emissions are not enough. You need specificity - what types of farming practices and suppliers are driving your emissions? With Planet FWD, know exactly what's driving your emissions so that you can make decisions.

Supplier-Level View

See which of your suppliers have the highest carbon emissions per ingredient and then quantify their impact on your overall company's carbon footprint.

Ingredient-Level View

Explore the biggest drivers of emissions per ingredient such as production methods, farming practices, transportation, and other factors.

Actionable Recommendations

See a prioritized list of opportunities to make the greatest impact on each ingredient’s footprint.

step three

Scenario plan for net zero

See how different reductions add up to your target and pick scenarios that are most feasible to your organization. Share with procurement, supply chain, and finance to bring your plans to life.

Engage your suppliers with clarity

Planet FWD enables you to easily aggregate your supplier data in one place so that you have one trusted source.