LCA-Based accounting for food & beverage

Planet FWD is the leading carbon accounting solution for food & beverage companies. We've worked with nearly 100 of the world's most innovative CPG, food service, restaurant and nutraceutical companies to help them measure, reduce and communicate their impact.  

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Innovate and decarbonize

Use our digital LCA software to measure the impact of bespoke formulations, unique ingredients and materials, novel processing, and nuanced production variables. Integrate your LCAs directly into your Corporate Inventory to report with confidence.


average emissions reductions per product

Identify the most powerful emissions reduction opportunities down to the ingredient and supplier level.


Faster than other solutions

While other LCA solutions and consultants take months, we give you results on the spot.


years of research and development

Learn from some of the industry's most advanced Life Cycle Assessment experts.

LCA-based accounting
purpose-builT for food & bev

Planet FWD is the industry's most flexible and transparent Corporate Greenhouse Gas Inventory tool. Using LCA-based accounting,  Planet FWD provides fully transparent, full cradle-to-gate LCA models underlying each Scope 3 calculation.

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Get in-depth visibility

Whether at the product-level or corporate-level, get granular GHG measurements to help you achieve climate goals.

Supplier and Farm Level Insights

Discover the impact of changing farming practices such as switching to regenerative ingredients and materials.

Comprehensive Measurement

Get visibility into a product's full life cycle, from ingredients and materials, to processing, packaging, transport, distribution, consumer use and end of life.

Hot Spot Analysis

View the drivers of your product-emissions across the entire lifecycle, and understand the drivers of your corporate emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3.

Create a reductions roadmap

Drill down to the ingredient, material and supplier level and explore multiple actionable scenarios to reduce hotspots.

Granular Scope 3 Measurement

Our technology provides fully transparent, cradle-to-gate LCA models underlying each Scope 3 calculation.

Actionable Recommendations

See a prioritized list of opportunities to make the greatest impact on each ingredient’s footprint.

Scenario Analysis

Measure the impact of different reduction actions so that you can prioritize highest impact actions first.  

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Product LCAs emissions and annual emissions results

credibly communicate your impact

Share your progress with customers, investors and the media
with the confidence that your claims have been verified by a trusted team of experts.

Product Carbon Labeling

Empower consumers to choose your low emissions products and differentiate your products and menu items.

SBTi and CDP Target Setting

Utilizing our GHG Protocol & ISO-conformant solutions, our team of experts will help you meet all applicable regulatory, climate disclosure, & target setting requirements.

Compliance and Impact Reporting

Showcase your company-wide sustainability initiatives backed with credible data.

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