Collect, centralize and analyze the emissions of your SKUs so you can make merchandising decisions and lead supplier reduction initiatives to reach Net Zero.

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a hub for supplier lca data

Planet FWD's end-to-end solution enables you to invite suppliers, conduct supplier LCAs, automatically fill in data gaps, and calculate your Corporate Inventory, all in one place.

private label insights

Quickly understand the GHG footprint of your products. Change ingredients, packaging, distribution, consumer use and end-of-life to see how variations impact your footprint. Understand where to focus your sustainability efforts across your entire product portfolio.


Invite your suppliers to conduct LCAs on the Planet FWD platform or use our supplier tools to collect raw supplier data.

Supplier Tools

Gather supplier data using our simple data collection questionnaires and templates.

Data Integrations

Seamlessly ingest data from tens to thousands of suppliers.

Rapid Calculations

Use supplier data to inform your Corporate Inventory and further refine your Net Zero tracking.  

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Product LCAs emissions and annual emissions results

lca-based Scope 3.1 accounting

Use supplier LCA data to get a highly detailed look into your purchased goods and services.

Hotspot Analysis

Understand which suppliers and SKUs are driving your emissions.

Detailed Reductions

Zoom into which actions you can incentivize across suppliers and make merchandising decisions to reach Net Zero.

Rapid Measurement

In areas where supplier data is hard to access, Planet FWD will fill in the gaps using the deepest dataset in the consumer goods industry.


Share your progress with customers, investors, and the media
with the confidence that your claims have been verified by a trusted team of experts.

Get Visibility into Emissions Drivers

Use our hotspot analysis tool to know where to focus your reduction efforts.

Reduce the Footprint of your SKUs

Get tailored reduction insights at the product-level so you know what actions you can take to decarbonize.

Communicate Impact with Carbon Labels

Have experts verify your results and minimize the risk of greenwashing.

Scenario Planning graph example

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