Product life cycle Assessment

High quality LCAs in real-time

Get a deeper understanding of the carbon emissions of your products —all the way down to the farm level—and how to reduce them.  

Whether you have 10 products or 10,000, you have the tools to design for lower emissions and credibly communicate your impact with consumers.

Why choose planet fwd

Discover how to make your products more sustainable

Powered by the deepest database in the food and beverage industry, our platform quickly calculates the carbon footprint of your products. But it doesn’t stop there. Understand what’s driving your emissions, from specific ingredients, farm practices, processing, packaging, transportation, and end-of-life.


average emissions reductions per product

Identify the most powerful emissions reduction opportunities down to the ingredient and supplier level.


Faster than other solutions

While other LCA solutions and consultants take months, we give you results on the spot.


years of research and development

Learn from some of the industry's most advanced Life Cycle Assessment experts.

step one

rapidly assess your products

Quickly understand the GHG footprint of your products. Change ingredients, packaging, distribution, consumer use and end-of-life to see how variations impact your footprint. Understand where to focus your sustainability efforts across your entire product portfolio.

Seamless Data Sync

Upload your data and our machine learning algorithm matches it to our database of thousands of ingredients and materials.

Customized LCAs

Modify ingredients, packaging and processing and see how your footprint changes with just a few clicks.

Emissions Dashboard

Understand your emissions at a glance for your entire product portfolio.

step two

get insights

Build any Life Cycle Assessment based on your specific supply chain characteristics. Easily account for climate-friendly farming practices.

Reduction Insights

Uncover specific emissions reductions opportunities across ingredients, manufacturing, packaging, and transport. Find actionable quick wins to decrease your carbon footprint.

Farm-Level Insight

Take credit for actions you've already taken, like reducing pesticide use or tillage. Model the impact of sourcing from regenerative suppliers.

step three

communicate your impact with confidence

Have experts verify your results and ensure they are aligned to the highest standards. Feel confident communicating your sustainability efforts through carbon labeling and impact reporting, and minimize the risk of greenwashing.

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