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All consumable products contribute to climate change in some way. In order to reduce emissions and curb climate change, we must first understand where emissions are coming from.

PLANET FWD  has developed a science-backed, data-driven tool to reduce the cost and complexity of carbon assessments for consumer products. We make it easier for brands to assess and manage emissions, lower their GHG impact, and release sustainable products.



Corporate Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GHGI)
Planet FWD Corporate Greenhouse Gas Inventories (CGHGI) cover Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, using a combination of company spend data and data on key materials and process flows.


Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
•  Planet FWD product LCAs are holistic, can be compared across products, and provide actionable insights. Planet FWD’s modeling capabilities allow brands to input their own supply chain and recipe data to receive results that are reflective of your unique product and supply chain characteristics.
•  We offer both cradle-to-processing-gate (cradle-to-gate) and cradle-to-grave LCA estimates.

Database Methodology:

Our tools are powered by a comprehensive commercially available life-cycle inventory (LCI) database for North American food production and processing. Our database and models enable the modeling of agricultural supply chain emissions based on farm management practices, soil and climate conditions, and other factors. Our team of experts continually updates our database and models as new data and methodologies become available.

NET ZERO Program

Planet FWD Net Zero programs are developed in alignment with Science-Based Targets Initiative.