Candy Bags

healthy hippo

Current certification period 3/22 - 3/23

Healthy Hippo emissions per product*:

  • Fizzy Colas 0.208 kg CO2e/bag
  • Hippo Gummies 0.209 kg CO2e/bag
  • Sour Hippo Gummies 0.207 kg CO2e/bag
  • Sour Keys 0.208 kg CO2e/bag
  • Swedish Hippos 0.209 kg CO2e/bag
*Scope: cradle-to-grave

Healthy Hippo has already taken the following climate actions:

  • Using plant-based ingredients
  • Producing in a facility that uses renewable energy

Healthy Hippo has made the following commitments to climate action:

  • Assess feasibility of sourcing ingredients processed with renewable energy by 2023
  • Reduce emissions from packaging by 30% by 2023 by switching to recycled poly mailer instead of cardboard for DTC orders
  • Communicate emissions impact of end-of-life actions to consumers by 2022 on our cardboard cartons

Healthy Hippo offsets its footprint using verified carbon credits that meet Planet FWD offset standards:

  • Pachama provides afforestation and reforestation-based carbon credit projects.