Current certification period 01/23 - 01/24

Moonshot Snacks emissions per product*:

  • Sourdough Sea Salt 0.33 kg CO2e/carton
  • Rosemary Garlic 0.34 kg CO2e/carton
  • Tomato Basil 0.41 kg CO2e/carton
*Scope: cradle-to-grave

Moonshot has already taken the following climate actions:

  • Using lower emissions intensity ingredients
  • Using recycled packaging materials
  • Producing in a facility that uses renewable energy
  • Supporting climate advocacy through campaigns
  • Researching alternative sustainable packaging to refine their goals
  • Communicating emissions impact of end-of-life actions to consumers
  • Communicating LCA results/emissions reduction potential to relevant suppiers and partners

Moonshot has made the following commitments to climate action:

  • Transition to bag film with 40% or greater PCR content by 2025
  • Create a plan by 2024 to develop a domestic, transitional regenerative sunflower oil supply by 2026
  • Create a plan by 2025 to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2026

Moonshot offsets its footprint using verified carbon credits that meet Planet FWD offset standards:

  • Tradewater collects and destroys greenhouse gas sources, primarily through the destruction of old refrigerants